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Cameras, Lenses and Accessories I Use

On my blog, I have had a "What's In My Bag" page for several years. My tongue-in-cheek comment there was that I wanted to be more like the pro-shooters out there. But I do a lot of writing about gear and equipment, and have made numerous changes to my own equipment over the years. So this page lets readers know what I carry and use to make the images here. Of course, that is ever-changing and there is metadata on each photo that indicates the camera and lens used, so this is more of a "for interest" reference.

Sony a7Rii Full Frame Mirrorless

Sony-G f4 24-105mm

Sony f1.8 50mm

Tamron f2.8 24mm

Rokinon f2.8 14mm (MF)

Sony RX100 vi

(Integrated Zeiss Vario-Sonnar f2.8-4.8 24-200mm)

Other Gear

Sirui (M-3204X) CF Tripod; Benro Arca-Swiss style Geared Head

Sirui (T-025) ultralight, packable CF Tripod, Small, Arca-Swiss type ball head

Arca-Swiss style QR L-plates (I never shoot from a tripod without one)

Filters (polarizing and ND filters)

Bubble Level (always on the camera for tripod shooting - ("the level doesn't lie")

Flashes (2 third-party; remote wireless triggering device)

As I have noted in my blog, I don't carry a bag or backpack in the field. I have a small combo daypack (Lowepro "Fastpack" SM) for travel, but again, do not generally carry it. I keep a larger bag in my car with items I might need, but I generally wear a "photo vest" in the field. I have found that an all-purpose vest   (mine is an Eddie Bauer with a very lightweight, but tough fabric) with non structured pockets to work better than dedicated "photo-vests," and with the added benefit of much lower cost. In the field, I carry filters, extra batteries, extra memory cards a flashlight and headlamp, a handheld compass, a a knife and "Leatherman" tool, additional lenses, garbage bags and rain protection gear, a mosquito net covering, and occasionally, flash.